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Uber, Microsoft, and MassDOT’s #LateNiteT Hackathon-Extended through September 5th 2014!

July 31, 2014

The “Late Night T” Data Challenge seeks to engage the public in exploring the MBTA's late night service and kick-start app development using its newly upgraded systemwide alert and real-time data API.

We’ve extended the Data Challenge to September 5th to give teams more time to build exciting solutions to enhance the regional transportation experience and to win the contest’s prizes. In addition, the Late Night T Data Challenge has also included two additional opportunities to engage with data and transportation experts, including:

The data challenge asks participants to help to answer to questions about Late Night T service like:

  • Does the Late Night T have a social impact? Lower-cost transportation options for employees of late evening business?
  • Does the service actually enhance use of taxis and Uber as well?
  • Can users see which restaurants are still open and how soon I could reach them on the T?
  • Can users receive recommended cost vs. travel time options for the T,  taxis, and Uber?

The data challenge also aims to kick-start development of innovative customer-facing apps using the new API:

  • Can developers create apps that incorporate different kinds of information (schedules, alerts, vehicle locations, arrival predictions), available for different types of MBTA service?
  • Can developers use this data in ways we haven’t seen before?  What can they demonstrate with it, or how can they present it to users in a new way?


  • Every Tuesday in August: Join other coders at the Code for Boston Meetup to connect with the MBTA staff and data challenge organizers
  • Friday, September 5th, 11:59pm: Extended Submissions Deadline
  • Wednesday, September 10th, 6:00pm-8:00pm: Award ceremony

Prize Categories

  1. Best exploration of late-night ridership
  2. Best exploration of the opportunities that late-night service opens up
  3. Best app to that uses many different kinds of information published through MBTA real-time
  4. Most original or creative new application to use MBTA real-time data


  • MassDOT/MBTA
  • The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative / Mass Big Data Initiative
  • City of Boston
  • hack/reduce
  • Microsoft
  • Uber                                        

Prizes will include cash awards, computing hardware & software, & special sponsor gifts! 

To sign up and register: